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Rx Universe

Seamlessly integrate evidence-based digital health tools into your practice

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Solving the Challenge

Healthcare providers face rising demand from the  payers to reduce costs while improving patient outcomes. RxUniverse is delivery platform for mobile health technology. Right Tools: With over 245,000 health apps in the Apple Store, it is hard for providers to select which ones to recommend to their patients. The apps on the RxUniverse platform are curated specifically based on clinical evidence. Right Patient: Data collected from prescribed apps and wearables can further tailor the right treatment plans for individual patients. Right Time: RxUniverse allows apps to be prescribed immediately at the point of care, allowing digital transformation to happen.

Sharing Digital Medicine Success Story

  • Five clinical sites took part in the initial pilot starting in August 2016 with goal of prescribing apps to 100 patients within 6 weeks time frame. 
  • More than 2,000 patients were prescribed apps, exceeding 20 times the goal. 
  • Primary care team shown in picture won the award for most engaged site.
  • The platform was enthusiastically embraced by:
    • Providers and front office staff because it seamlessly integrates with their work flow
    • Patients who are excited to receive tools for managing their own health and navigating the health care system
    • Executive leaders because it closes the gap between digital innovation and improved patient care

At a Glance

RxUniverse is a multi-platform application that delivers digital health to patients at the point of care. Healthcare professionals can discover the right app from a curated, evidence-based selection and immediately “prescribe” it directly to a patient’s mobile device. With RxUniverse, providers can confidently and immediately deliver the best digital medicine to empower individual patients or population.


Simplified Logistics

Prescribe apps to empower patients with access to medical records
and appointment scheduling

Educated Patients

Prescribe content tailored to patients’ conditions,
improving adherence and self-monitoring

Informed Providers

Prescribe remote monitoring tools to optimize clinical
treatment based on a comprehensive picture of patient
symptoms and well-being

Real-Time Feedback

Data from surveys and apps allows real time customer satisfaction  and engagement score

How RxU Connects The Participants In The Healthcare System

Healthcare Leadership

  • Send satisfaction surveys to patients before they leave the clinic
  • Improve the care environment based on
    real-time patient experience feedback


  • Prescribe mobile health apps tailored to patient
    needs and condition
  • Optimize individual treatment plans based on
    symptom and outcome data reported by patients

Medical Assistants

  • Provide patients with tools to access their personal
    health records and schedule appointments
  • Reduce burden of routine tasks and smoothly
    integrate new technologies into workflow


  • Improved engagement, satisfaction, and health
    care outcomes

What Our Industry Leaders Think

“Apps have typically been recommended to patients verbally, but with the myriad of mobile health apps on the market, many with no proven evidence, it is a challenge for providers and patients. RxUniverse eliminates these barriers to digital medicine.”   

    – Ashish Atreja, MD, MPH, Chief Technology Innovation and Engagement Officer and Director of the Sinai AppLab

“RxUniverse will empower health care providers to bring multiple digital health tools directly to the hands of our patients quickly and reliably.”

    – Bruce Darrow, MD, PhD, Chief Medical Information Officer of the Mount Sinai Health System

“Mount Sinai has many tools to help patients like me, but until now it hasn’t been easy to find and download them to my phone. This tool has allowed my doctor to seamlessly deliver app relevant to my care right into my hands.”

    – Laura, Patient Advocate, Health Promise App

As the pace of innovation in digital medicine accelerates, there will be increasing demand for the ability to quickly integrate new apps into our health care systems. Mount Sinai is proud to be at the forefront of digital medicine and dedicated to streamlining the eHealth care delivery model to further our mission to provide world-class care to our patients.

                                                                – Kenneth L Davis, MD, President and CEO, Mount Sinai Health System

Rx Universe Digital Medicine Toolkit


Health Education

  • Prescribe tailored content specific to patient’s condition
  • Improve adherence and patient self-monitoring

Patient Surveys

  • Gain real-time feedback on patient experience and satisfaction
  • Greatly improve survey response rate and representation

Remote Monitoring

  • Gather data on patient symptoms and self-reported outcomes
  • Optimize individual treatment protocols based on greater clinical insight

Integrated Wearables

  • Maximize benefit of health device technology through integration
    with prescribed apps


  • Extend the window of care beyond the oce visit

Appointment Scheduling

  • Empower patients and relieve burden on office staff by prescribing
    scheduling tools

Social Networks

  • Engage patient communities and enable communication by prescribing
    links to selected social media

Clinical Trials

  • Enhance recruitment for traditional clinical trials
  • Streamline clinical trials to demonstrate efficacy of digital medicine

Media Mentions

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