Sharon A

Camarillo, CA

“Until recently, I used to think my asthma was just symptoms related to allergies. When I noticed just how much it was affecting me, I realized how important it was for me to start taking care of myself and I began seeing an allergist.”

“I first read about the Asthma Mobile Health Study in a magazine. I downloaded the app about 8 months ago and I have been using it regularly ever since. One of the main things the Asthma App has done for me is that it has made me aware of how predictable my asthma is. I’ve found that the consistency of the questions asked in the app has made me much more aware of how asthma is impacting my daily life. I now know how important it is for me to take my medications. I also really like the articles that pop up. They constantly keep me up to date on the latest asthma-related news.”

“What I love about this app is that it is short, quick, and easy to use. It’s great and doesn’t take a lot of time out of my day. I would often forget to take my medications, but the reminders on the app have really helped me remember. I also feel that the app is very responsive and it holds me accountable for my asthma.”

Amanda H

Dallas, TX

Amanda has suffered from asthma since she was 18. “I first noticed my asthma when I was on the swim team and realized how much it affected me during my workouts. As I got older, my condition progressed.”

“Last April, I was struck with pneumonia. It seemed random and I couldn’t tell afterwards whether the symptoms I was experiencing were from my asthma or the pneumonia. I began looking for an asthma tracker app on the Apple App Store and found the Asthma Mobile Health Study.” Amanda was very impressed by how well the Asthma Health App tracked her asthma. “It brought up ideas about my triggers that I had never thought of before.”

“I like that it displays the local air quality and provides a particle count.” Amanda is happy she found the app and that she finally has a tool that helps her track and manage her asthma on a daily basis.   

Carl Z

Atlanta, GA

Carl has been an active user of the Asthma Health App since it was first released in March 2015. “After learning that Apple was launching ResearchKit, which would include the Asthma Mobile Health Study, I got on board immediately. I have had asthma for as long as I can remember. I recall going to the doctor as a young child for breathing tests and allergy shots. Until now, I never had a good way to see how my asthma was doing.”

In the past, Carl struggled to figure out the causes of his asthma flare-ups. “After using the Asthma Health App, I feel that I have a better understanding of my triggers and what is going on with my asthma. By simply reviewing my history on the app, I am able to pinpoint these triggers.”

Carl also appreciates the daily flow of questions provided by the app. “I like the way it makes me think about everything that happened during each day. It’s nice knowing that just by having my phone on me, I can track my asthma at all times. Now when I visit my doctor once a year, I can give him a detailed account of my asthma and have a more informed conversation with him.”  

Jennifer S

Monterey, CA

“Four to five years ago, I had a severe asthma attack. I was intubated twice, admitted to the ICU, and spent a total of forty days, over a span of three months, in the hospital.” Jennifer took a long time to recover from this attack and she became motivated to find a better way to track and manage her asthma. “After looking into several different health apps, I found the Icahn Institute’s Asthma Mobile Health Study. Initially, I was focused on helping out other asthma sufferers by participating in this study, but I soon realized how helpful it was for me.”

“I’m very happy with the app. I have been able to track my asthma better and it reminds me to take my medicine.”

“My favorite feature of the Asthma Health App is that it records peak flows. I can now recognize patterns in the peak flows and how taking my medicine affects these patterns. I also really like that the app is not a standalone app, but that it is linked to a health study. As a former paramedic, I recognize the importance of data collection for medical studies and I’m so glad that I can contribute to this one.”

Michael K

Evansville, IN

“Ever since I was born, I have struggled with severe asthma.” Michael started using the Asthma App in September 2015 after reading about the Icahn Institute and their asthma research study. “The app has been an enlightening experience. I am very grateful for the app and without its daily reminders, I would probably forget to take my medicine!”

“My favorite feature is the environmental data. I’m really affected by pollen and knowing the air quality helps me figure out what kind of day I will have. I also find the charts on doctor dashboard very handy for my physician. I only see him every three months, but with the app, I can gauge my asthma daily and answer my doctor’s questions more accurately.”

“It’s a really good app. Not many people understand how fast-growing asthma is and how much it hinders daily activity.” Michael appreciates the time that was taken to create the Asthma App and hopes that this study will help other people who suffer from asthma.

Barbra T

Boston, MA

“In 1990, I suffered from my first asthma attack. I was admitted to the hospital immediately and it took me six whole months to recover. As soon as I heard that Mount Sinai launched an Asthma Mobile Health Study, I was really interested.”

After regularly using the app over the past year, Barbra is very happy with how it has helped her manage her asthma. “I love the app, I really do. I think it’s great. Life gets so busy and it’s easy to forget to take your medication. I love that the app sends me reminders so that I no longer forget to take my meds. I can see how many times I use my rescue inhaler and keep track of my peak flows for my pulmonologist.”

“One of my favorite features on the app is all the informative articles it provides. Now, I always feel that I am up to date on the latest asthma care. I have found that not many other mobile health studies do this. The surveys are also a great feature as they cause me to really think about my asthma.” Barbra is very excited that the asthma study will continue and is expanding to other countries. “It’s great to know that the app is not only helping me, but is also helping so many other people.”

Michelle S

Queens, NY

“The Mount Sinai Asthma Health app is great for tracking my medications and reminding me when to take them. I also use the app to analyze air quality. For example, when I travel, I track the difference between the clean air of upstate New York and the more polluted air of New York City, and look for correlations to my asthma condition.”

“Overall, I love the app!  I am very experienced with smartphone apps and this one is so easy to use, only needs one minute a day of interaction, and a very clean interface.” Michelle is a patient of Dr. Linda Rogers, a co-principal investigator for the Mount Sinai asthma research study.

Nicholas H

Seattle, WA

“I have been using the Asthma Health app daily since its launch on March 9, 2015. I find it rewarding to be part of a research study that is the new model of the future – not in the traditional, old-school approach where we are not able to view our own data.”

Nicholas checks his peak flow every morning and is pleased that this only takes 20-30 seconds of his time. “I’ve seen my peak flow drop recently to the 600s whereas before it was in the 700s. Using the app, I looked at the pattern for the past 6 months, and I see that it has actually been on a steady, downward trend for the past 30 days. I find that to be very helpful information.”

Nicholas was impressed with the app’s process for Opt-in and Consenting. “It was very clear to me who was doing the research, why the research was being done, and how the data will be used and shared.” Nicholas was also impressed with the responsiveness of the asthma research team, when he made a suggestion to improve the app’s daily survey. “I was astonished at their level of responsiveness, courtesy, and professionalism.”

Danielle T

Colorado Springs, CO

“I started using the Mount Sinai Asthma Health app after hearing a Science Friday podcast about the ResearchKit apps in March of 2015. I have used the app every single day since then, as I wish to contribute to medical research to help other people who are suffering from asthma.”

“The app has also provided unexpected personal benefits that have made a positive impact on my overall health and wellbeing.” When Danielle meets with her doctor she is now able to say, with confidence and data:  “I’m having these symptoms, at this frequency. Doctor, should we change my medicine dose?” Danielle says her doctor has been very receptive and impressed with the heightened level of self-knowledge that she now has. “I am now much more actively involved in my healthcare and I’m pleased that I was able to partner with my doctor to create my Asthma Plan.”