The Asthma Health App has been featured in several media stories


Fortune: Yvonne Chan interviewed re: how the Asthma App demonstrates the power of mobile health tools. (3.15.17) Read here.

Forbes: Eric Schadt discusses the Asthma Mobile Health Study and the new abilities mobile health tools bring to the table. (3.14.17) Read here.

Nature: Mobile-phone Health Apps Deliver Data Bounty (3.21.16) Read here.

CBS New York: Medical Research Through Apps (3.4.16) Read here.

Wired UK: ResearchKit App Will Visualise Asthma’s Impact on the UK (2.24.16) Read here.

The Telegraph: UK Asthma Patients Can Participate in Global Study, Using IPhones (2.23.16) Read here.

Tech Insider: The 40 Most Exciting Innovations of the Year (11.2.15) Read here.

ZDNet: Move Over HealthKit: Why Apple’s ResearchKit Is Proving the Real Hit With Doctors (10.16.15) Read here.

Business Insider: Apple’s New Health Software Is Starting to Transform Medical Research (10.13.15) Read here.

Fox News: Researchers ‘Delighted’ With Results of iPhone Asthma Health App (10.2.15) Read here.

BuzzFeed: How An iPhone Medical Research App Is Helping People With Asthma (9.29.15) Read here.

Associated Press: Software Turns Smartphones Into Tools for Medical Research (7.27.15) Read here.

Scientific American: Will iPhones Change Medicine–By Turning Us All Into Subjects? (6.16.15) Read here.

Digital Trends: Apple vs. Asthma: How ResearchKit is ‘Unshackling Science’ (5.17.15) Read here.

Yahoo Tech: Apple’s ResearchKit Takes Medical Research Years Into the Future (5.4.15) Watch video.

Modern Healthcare: App-Based Studies Bring Promise, Peril (3.14.15) Read here.

Fox News: Asthma Health App Harnesses the Power of Apple’s iPhone (3.13.15) Read here.

Bloomberg Business: How the iPhone Is Helping Doctors Battle Diseases (3.11.15) Watch video.

Business Insider: Apple Is Ushering in a ‘New Era’ of Medical Research (3.10.15) Read here. 

Apple VideoResearchKit – How iPhone Is Transforming Medical Research (3.9.15) Watch video.